How Can Event Video Production Make Your Marketing Strategies More Effective

If one picture can depict a thousand words, can you imagine the effect of a well made video?

Online videos are the new trend of very industry as it has become and important and effective tool of communication with prospective investors and customers. A type of videos covering the events organized by a business is the latest trend in the every changing world of digital marketing. Event video production has lately started contributing in marketing in a greater way and this is the reason behind all the buzz.

Role of Event Videos in Making Marketing Strategies More Effective

1. Event Videos Act as Portfolio of the Business

From video creators to video production companies, every one needs a portfolio. In short, anyone who wants to sell their products and services, needs a good portfolio and what better way to showcase a good or a service make a video of it. You can create a buzz about the business with your event videos. Make a single event video or make series of videos for all the events hosted by the business. Be it a conference, seminar, round table, or karaoke night, make sure you that a event video production company is present at the time to capture the successful moments of the occasion. The vent video can be included stylishly into the portfolio of the business and can be used to successfully market the venture.

2. Event Video Production can Boost Conversion and Sales

Videos, regardless of the type, can be a legit and great way of earning profit. Moreover, adding event production to your landing page can expedite customer conversions by 80 percent. Videos has been proven to directly lead to sales. While the figures may seem overwhelming, the effectiveness of event video production for marketing strategies is not surprising at all given that vision is our most dominant sense out of all the five. As a matter of fact, most of the information relayed to our brain is visual, and thus videos can boost consumer-brand engagement massively.

3. Event Video Production Can Engage Non-Receptive Consumers

People nowadays are too busy to read long product descriptions and conduct an in-depth analysis of the services a business is offering. The modern consumers wish to see the product being used in environments promised by the business, in short they want to see the product in action. What better way to showcase the usability of the product or service than holding an event to either launch it or show the current and prospective consumers the various features of the commodity. Event video marketing doesn’t not only show the business in action but also works its magic on many levels, engaging even the laziest consumers, effectively. As a matter of fact it has been found that 68 percent of consumers prefer watching product videos on YouTube detailing the features of the commodity that read about it on print.

4. Event Video Production Shows Greater Return of Investment (ROI)

83 percent of the businesses have claimed that video content, regardless of its type brings good return on investment. Moreover they also state that the more natural content of the video the better audience reception it gets. People like to see content that is not scripted and wants to get a natural overview of the business, product, or service, showcased in the video.

5. Event Video Production Appeals to Smartphone Users

Videos and smartphones can be depicted as two sides of the same coin as 90 percent of the consumers watch these videos on their mobile. As a matter of fact, since the third quarter of 2013, watching videos on mobile has increased to more than 233 percent. Since the number of smartphone users are also growing with time, we expect the viewers to increase as well. Therefore, an event video production showcasing the product or service, is guaranteed to get quite a number of views from smartphone users than desktop or TV viewers.

6. Event Video Production can Increase Social Shares

Michael Stelzner, in the 8th Social Media Marketing Industry Report claimed that in 2015, 60 percent of social media marketers resorted to video content for marketing a service or a product and 73 of the total number of respondents to the video planned to use the commodity in 2016, which they did.

Social networking sites have recognized these upward trends and now encourages businesses and content creators to upload videos on social media platforms. For example, Facebook has launched Live Video, 360 Degree Video, and Lifestage, to help the content creators make innovative video content on the social media platform. Therefore, if a business ropes in a video production company to cover their event on social media using these latest video making features, they can surely expect to get increased traffic on their website or at their brick or motor store and greater number of social shares on the video.

In Conclusion

Event video production is gaining popularity quickly and is becoming more and more affordable for the businesses to use. Creating a good event video requires technical knowledge and creativity apart from an idea of human psyche. Therefore, it is advisable to collaborate with a professional video production company to get great ROI, millions and views, and a competitive edge in the market.